Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Class Monster Book

As part of our Monster unit, we wrote a class book!  It was actually the first class book that we have written, so the kiddo's are super excited to see the finished product.  I have one more student to finish with, since he has been away all week, and then we are ready for binding!  I think I am excited to see the final product too.

We started off by reading What's Under The Bed? by Joe Fenton. 

It's about a little boy who imagines all sorts of crazy creatures hiding under his bed, until he finally gets the courage to look and finds it is only his teddy bear - or is it?  The kiddos loved the ending of this one, and it gave them a lot to imagine when designing a monster,  They came up with their own monster, and then finished this sentence "I see a _________, __________ monster."  with two describing words.  They didn't spell the words themselves, they needed a lot of help but they were able to sound out most of the constanants.  We are slowly but surely getting there!

Check out a few pages from our monster book:

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