Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So I was not sure what to call this post, so I will make like a musician when they can't name their songs, and call it untitled!

I have not been checking in much lately for a numebr of reasons, but for one big one, which I mentioned during the last post - they haven't even hired for a sub position in this town for this school year... that's how far and few between the teaching jobs are here.  I am trying to focus on the positive, like all the "extra" time I have on my hands (although when you have an 18 month old, I am not sure you could call it extra!) and all the time I now have to spend with my daughters.  Also, it has allowed me to spend some time crafting and decorating my new house, which I love.  Sorry, make that LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE.

I have been hanging out at my other blog a lot more frequently, and I would love it if you could join me there too?  It's called Becoming Martha, and it's all about "the domestic life".  And please, don`t leave me here, I will be back as soon as I get back into the teaching world - which believe me I will!  I would just love a way to still stay in contact with the fabulous bloggers I have met through the world of teacher blogs! :o)  But beware... the world of crafting blogs is just as dangerously addictive, and we do not have a support group for that yet!

Thank you all for your support!  See ya soon :o)

P.S.  I am a total pinterest addict now too!  Follow me there by clicking here.