Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So I was not sure what to call this post, so I will make like a musician when they can't name their songs, and call it untitled!

I have not been checking in much lately for a numebr of reasons, but for one big one, which I mentioned during the last post - they haven't even hired for a sub position in this town for this school year... that's how far and few between the teaching jobs are here.  I am trying to focus on the positive, like all the "extra" time I have on my hands (although when you have an 18 month old, I am not sure you could call it extra!) and all the time I now have to spend with my daughters.  Also, it has allowed me to spend some time crafting and decorating my new house, which I love.  Sorry, make that LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE.

I have been hanging out at my other blog a lot more frequently, and I would love it if you could join me there too?  It's called Becoming Martha, and it's all about "the domestic life".  And please, don`t leave me here, I will be back as soon as I get back into the teaching world - which believe me I will!  I would just love a way to still stay in contact with the fabulous bloggers I have met through the world of teacher blogs! :o)  But beware... the world of crafting blogs is just as dangerously addictive, and we do not have a support group for that yet!

Thank you all for your support!  See ya soon :o)

P.S.  I am a total pinterest addict now too!  Follow me there by clicking here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Words to Live By + Hello Again!

Hi all!  Sorry my absence has been so extended, but this summer was an intense one.  Even now, we are still getting settled into our new home and doing lots of reno's.  We love our new home and our quaint little town that we now live in, but things are very different for us here.  We haven't met any friends yet, which makes me, the social butterfly, a little lonely, and to make it worse, they weren't even hiring for subbing positions here.  They have more teachers than they know what to do with.  *Sigh*.  So please keep me sending good thoughts out there for me okay?  Hopefully something comes up soon, because it is so hard being away from something that you love so much.

In other news, I just finally got with the times and got a Pinterest account.  I gotta say, all the raving was justified.  This site rocks!  I have so many pin boards and my bookmarks and saved pictures are now neatly organized on the web and not cluttering up my desktop!  LOVE IT.  While scouring around Pinterest, I came upon this quote and it really spoke to me and my belief about education and the entire teaching world.  I really felt to share it with you.

Can you imagine what our education system would look like if everyone truly believed in this?  I know there are excellent teachers out there now who do, but I also know there are many who don't.  I think this is the reason so many of our students are falling through the cracks or failing or growing up with low self esteem because they are "too stupid" to do well in school.  We need to show students that everyone is smart and everyone has their own intelligences and it's okay!  You're a genius at poetry.  You're a genius on the basketball court.  You're a genius with a saw in woodworking class.  You're a genius!  So many times the words "smart" and "genius" and "intelligent" become associated only with math, science, and other academic subjects, but students need to know that being a whiz at playing the trombone is just as special as being able to whiz through an algebra equation in 3.2 seconds flat.  Don't you agree?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

See You Soon, Not Goodbye!

So I have felt really bad lately because I haven't been blogging.  To be honest, I haven't even been checking my blogroll.  I have probably missed so many great giveaways and ideas, and I missed the Math Stations workshop... but I just can't keep up!  We all know how busy the end of the year can be, and this is my first end of year ever.  There is sooo much to do.  Also, I am not returning to my classroom so it all had to be sorted and packed.

In one week we will be moving to Ontario, which is half way across the country.  We have been so busy this past month - in the past four weeks, we have flown there, bought a house, went through that whole process, and now are starting the process of moving our family and house.  School ends on June 30 - we have to be out of our current house July 7.  Needless to say, I am drained, and blogging, as important as it is, has fallen to the wayside for the time being.

Don't worry - I am not gone for good!  I have no idea what is in store for me in Ontario (cuts aren't as bad as Alberta, but I don't think it looks good) but I will definately still be blogging.  So thanks for sticking with me and not deleting me from your blogroll :)  I will hopefully be back soon!

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Great Giveaway

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Check out this Giveaway!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Addition

Well, life around here has been life as usual  - INSANE and CHAOTIC!  You gotta love being a new teacher... and having two little kids of your own... and a husband in the military who is always deployed or away training.  School is busy too - May means its time to start preparing for final report cards and making sure that we get everything done that needs to be done by the end of the year and you all know how it is.  On other notes, my husband has been transferred, and as of July, we will be moving to Ontario.  I love kindergarten, and would love to get a job there teaching K, but any job would be nice.  Moving is so nerve wracking, but I hope it all goes okay! 

Anyway, in class, we have started adding.  I have a few kids who are really struggling with the concept still, but most picked it up super fast.  Here are two activities that we did to practice our adding... The first was inspired by the wonderful Fran over at Kindergarten Crayons.  We drew flowers in the flower pots and added them together.  This was an easy way to differentiate, because I simply told them to impress me with their best.  Some kids did huge two digit numbers while others did 2 + 2 and I thought it was super for them.  The ladybug sheet also allowed them to use different strategies, depending on where they were at - some had to count each spot individually still, some used counting on, and some used their subitizing skills and mental math.  I am impressed at how great they are getting!  Grab the sheets here if you want, and let me know if you grab a copy for your class :o)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Behaviour Management Chart

When I started teaching K, I felt like I was in a completely different world when it came to time and behaviour management.  I came from Grade 6 after all, that practically is a continuum away!  I tried several systems before I found one that really works for us.  I read somewhere that you should have an individual goal and a group goal, so that's what I tried.

We have a behaviour management system called Jumping for Good Behaviour.  I think I got the idea somewhere online, and then adapted it and twisted it to fit me and my class.  We have a part of a bulletin board with three lines - green, yellow, and red.  Everyone has a frog with their name on it, and it starts on green everyday, regardless of what happened the previous day.  I think its important for kids to know everyday is a fresh start. 

Whenever someone breaks one of our rules (the basic respect each other, be nice, keep your hands to yourself, etc) they get a warning first.  Then, if they continue to break rules, their frog moves down a line.  Yellow is 5 minutes missed of centre playtime, and if you break a rule again and land on red, its 10 minutes.  If it happens again, you get to have a visit with our principal.  I have only had a couple of students ever get to yellow and no one has ever got to red.  (And to move them around, I enlisted the help of my very best friend, Mr. Velcro!)

As an extra incentive, this chart is on the board next to my desk:
Each student has an index card with their name on it, and for everyday that they stay on green, they get a sticker.  Once they reach 30 stickers on their index card, they get to pick a treat from the treasure box, which is filled with stuff like colored pens, bubbles, or little sticker books.  They are so excited once they get near 30.  (I make rows of 10 as well, and they gain a number sense, since they know three full rows make 30). 

Our group goal is a daily process.  Each day we pick one goal not to break.  If everyone works together as a team, everyone gets a small prize - a sticker or a candy from the candy jar.  This one is actually much harder to reach than the individual goal, because it usually involves everyone working together.  But we are getting there!  Our class goal is written on a piece of froggy paper that I laminated so I could use white erase markers on it.  You will see it in the corner of the picture with our frogs.

Anyway, thats how my Kinders and I work our classroom management, and it seems to be working great.  I'm sure that every year it will be adjusted to fit the new group of kiddos that I have, but I'm glad I found something that works this year!