Monday, April 18, 2011

A Great Fundraising Idea

I don't know about your school, but myself and everyone I know, hates fundraising.  The whole idea of going door to door lugging a big box of chocolates just isn't appealing, especially in this digital age when very few people carry cash.  Well, here may be an alternative...

Our school is named after a famous football player, who was very involved in the community.  He also appreciated the value of education, and became a principal after retiring from football.  Therefore the three pillars of our schoola re academics, athletics, and citizenship.  When the disaster struck Japan, we knew it was an opportunity to teach our students about the true value of citizenship.  We held a fundraiser that went off so well!

Our fundraiser was a Break The Rules Day.  I will start by saying it was not an effective teaching day in the sense that we addressed a lot of curriculum.  However, we did raise a LOT of money for Japan, and we learned about how important it is to help others.  The idea behind break the rules day is that you can pay a pre-set amount of money to break certain rules or do things that you normally couldn't in school. The favorite?  For $5, you could cut a piece off the tie of pour principal or vice principal.  They thought this was the best thing ever.  I also had a lot of kids change their name, sit wherever they wanted, and wear pajamas.  It was a fun day, and it was a great lesson.

Feel free to click on the picture and save a copy if you would like to try this out at your school.  Let me know how it goes!

A student cutting a piece off the principal's tie


  1. I LOVE this idea - so much better than the hat day and bake sale we had for Japan. The kids must have had a blast!

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